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Types of Condoms

By December 11, 2017Condoms

Choosing a condom can be a really fun experience.  However, there are so many types of condoms to choose from!  Studded or smooth, glow in the dark or flavored, thin or pleasure shaped.  How do you know which one to pick?  Below we discuss the different types of condoms and will help you find the perfect fit for you.


Condom Types and Styles - A Know All Guide

When looking a different types of condoms you want to make sure you don’t make a mistake.  First, make sure the condom is FDA approved for STI and Pregnancy Prevention.  Next, you always want to check the expiration date to make sure it is still good to use.  If it doesn’t meet these two criteria, don’t use it!  But that’s just the beginning.  When it comes time to make the decision, you need to decide if you are going for something unique and different or functional.  Some of the unique and different styles are glow in the dark and flavored condoms.  These are a great option to change things up and add some variety to the bedroom.  If you are going the functional route, you can choose from regular,large,  studded, thin or pleasure shaped condoms among many others.  The regular fit is exactly what you’d think.  Its a straight wall design with a classic fit for the comfort you know and love.  Not sure what size condom you need?  Check out our easy condom size guide.  Studded condoms are a great option to provide a different feel.  The condom will have raised studs on it that help to enhance the pleasure female partners.  Another option is extra thin condoms.  These are made out of an ultra thin latex that allows both partners to feel maximum pleasure.  Ultra thin condoms are loved by those looking for the closest to a natural feel.  Lastly pleasure shaped condoms offer extra room at the head of the penis.  Many men feel this give them a more comfortable fit and prefer it to other condoms.

Glow in the Dark Condoms

Glow in the dark condoms are made using a scientifically designed 3 layer system.  The outer and inner layer are made of ultra thin latex material.  The middle layer is made with a phosphorous pigment that will glow when exposed to light.  Simply expose the glow in the dark condom to light for 30 seconds before use and you will be lighting the way in the bedroom!

Flavored Condoms

You may be asking yourself, “Why would someone want flavored condoms?”  Well, if you’ve ever been to the dentist and have their hands in your mouth with gloves on, you know that latex doesn’t taste good.  Flavored condoms are made just like any other latex condom but with an added flavored coating.  Some of the most popular flavors are Chocolate Strawberry, Mint, Island Punch, Banana Split and Bubble Gum. This can make the experience much more pleasurable for the giver of oral sex.  Flavored condoms can be a fun way to add some variety to the bedroom, but they also protect against STD’s like regular condoms as well.  Many people don’t know that you can contract STD’s from oral sex.  STD’s can be transmitted via blood, skin to skin contact and bodily fluids.  Its always best to be safe and make sure to protect yourself and your partner during any type of sexual contact.

Studded and Textured Condoms

Studded and textured condoms are unique as they have raised studs or ribs  specifically designed to increase pleasure for both partners.  Many people say that they cant feel anything while using a standard condom during sex.  However, after trying a studded or textured condom they report a heightened sensation.  The ribs and studs add pleasure to both the penis and the interior vaginal wall. Studded condoms have raised dots strategically placed in the pleasure intensive areas.  This helps stimulate and excite both partners in both their pleasure zones leading to more enjoyment during sex. Textured condoms most commonly used a ribbed design.  Ribs are raised ridges specifically placed to create more friction for both partners.  This helps to increase sensations that lead to a better sexual experience for everyone.

Warming Condoms

Looking for a new way to heat things up in the bedroom?  Warming condoms are an exiting way to turn up the heat!  Warming condoms are made similar to a standard latex condom but are coated inside and out with a warming sensation lube.  This is especially preferred by many female partners as it heightens the sensitivity and tightens the inner vaginal wall.  But some people also find it distracting and that the warming sensation can make it harder to climax.  Feel free to give this one a try buy might also be a good idea to have your trusty favorite condoms handy as well.

Pleasure Shaped Condoms

Pleasure shaped condoms are uniquely designed to contour to the shape of the penis.  Where as regular or classic condoms are designed with a straight wall, pleasure shaped condoms have a flared pouch at the head.  Some pleasure shaped condoms also have fine internal ribs designed to stimulate pleasure.  A recent Emory University study found that pleasure shaped condoms are preferred 8 to 1 over other condoms.

Colored Condoms

Colored condoms are always a fan favorite.  One thing you always want to check on though is that they are FDA approved for protection against pregnancy and STD’s.  In addition, make sure the colored condom is not expired.  There are several colored condoms on the market that are fun for gimmicks but not suitable for proper protection.  Colored condoms are made from the same type of latex as other condoms but the latex is dyed before the production of the condoms.  This allows the condoms to be just as safe as any other condom while giving you the fun of using your favorite color.

Sensis Condoms

Sensis condoms are a revolutionary new product.  They offer a unique patented QuickStrip design that allows the condom to be put on faster and more secure than a regular condom.  You have to see it to believe it.  Check out their video here.  By using the strips to apply the condom you are less likely to rip it while putting it on.  It also keeps your hands off of it which means more lubrication stays on the condom which can help prevent rips or tears during sex.

French Ticklers

Ever heard of a French Tickler?  Maybe you have, if not you’ve come to the right place!  The French Tickler is a condom that has a massaging type accessory at the tip.  So, think of your typical condom…but with a little friend to help out at the end.  These are a great way to change things up and add some new accessories to the bedroom.

Tingling Pleasure Condoms

Tingling pleasure condoms are often preferred by women.  They are coated with a tingling lubricant that helps enhance the sensations on the inside of the vaginal wall.  Many females enjoy this added stimulating sensation.  Men can also benefit from it as well.  The tingling sensation can help with premature ejaculation.  Some men report that the tingling pleasure condoms help them to last longer in bed.  Sounds like a win win to us!

Edible Condoms

Edible condoms are a great kinky addition to the bedroom.  They are great for oral sex as they come in several delicious flavors such as bubblegum, mint, chocolate, cola and more.  However, there are a few things you need to be aware of.  First, edible condoms are for novelty use only.  The do not protect against STD’s or prevent pregnancy.  They are designed to dissolve when wet so be sure you use other methods of birth control.  Second, edible condoms are made with sugar and other organic materials to provide the flavors.  This can sometimes cause yeast infections in women.  Therefore, do not use them for vaginal or anal sex.  Remember, these are for novelty use and foreplay.  So have some fun, but play it safe at the same time.

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