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Safe Anal Sex: Do I Need to Use a Condom?

By June 16, 2017Anal Sex
safe anal sex

Anal Sex has more mystery and myth surrounding it than Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster combined.  It’s still considered very taboo by many people and that’s how so much misinformation gets put out there.  One of these myths is “you don’t need to use a condom for anal sex”.  Here we will discuss the many reasons that using a condom is imperative to safe anal sex.

Safe Anal Sex: Can I Still Get STI’s From Anal?

Yes…Yes…Yes!!  STI’s are actually more likely to be transmitted through anal sex as opposed to vaginal or oral sex.  This is because during anal sex, the anus will develop microscopic tears that expose extremely small amounts of blood.  This makes both partners susceptible to transmitting a disease such as HIV or Hep C.  This is the case even when plenty of lubrication is used.  Many experts agree that to truly have safe anal sex 100% of the time, always use a condom.  Even in a monogamous committed relationship.  Its also important to make sure you are using condoms properly.  Improper application and use can increase the likelihood of contracting a STD.  

In addition, not using a condom puts both partners at risk of contracting HPV.  Certain strains of HPV are known to cause genital warts and forms of cancer.  Don’t take the chance, always use a condom for safe anal sex.

Safe Anal Sex: What About Urinary Tract Infections?

We all know what the anus’s primary fucntion is…so we won’t dive into details there.  With that said, no matter how “clean” you are there will be trace amounts of fecal matter and bacteria that you will be exposed to.  This can lead to UTI’s of both male and female partners.  Yes, you read that right, males can get UTI’s too!  As the top (or penetrator) your penis and urethra are exposed to fecal matter if you choose not to use a condom.  This can lead to a very painful UTI for men.  For women, there is a cardinal rule that you never ever break.  When switching from anal to vaginal sex always change condoms.  If you neglect to do this, fecal matter and bacteria can enter the vagina and cause you to develop a UTI.  Bottom line, don’t take the risk.  Always use a condom for safe anal sex.

Safe Anal Sex: Is it Still Pleasurable With a Condom?

Not only do condoms protect both partners engaging in safe anal sex, they can also make it more enjoyable.  Condoms have a smoother surface than bare skin and glide better when used with the correct lubricant.  This can lead to a more comfortable experience.  Even more, the condom can increase the endurance of the top partner and help them to last longer.  Since the anus is naturally tighter, many men experience that they reach climax much faster than normal.  

When it comes to choosing a lubricant, make sure to stay away from petroleum based lubricants (such a vaseline).  The petroleum can break down the condom and create microscopic holes leaving both parties at risk.  Always use a water or silicone based lubricant.  Most people have best results with a silicone based lubricant such and the ONE Move.  The water based lubricants are absorbed over time by the body and you will need to reapply.  Whereas the silicone based lubricants last much longer and provide a smoother experience causing less discomfort and friction.

Safe Anal Sex: Wrap it Up!

Bottom line here is that the key to safe anal sex is using a condom 100% of the time.  Not only will it protect you and your partner against STI’s, UTI’s and other diseases, it can still be pleasurable as well.  Don’t take the risk…it’s never worth it.  Be safe and wrap it up…enjoy!

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