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Flavored Condoms

By April 9, 2018Condoms

Ever thought about trying flavored condoms?  Wait, why would you need a flavored condom in the first place right?  Wrong!  Flavored condoms are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom between you and your partner.  And they aren’t just a novelty item either.  Many flavored condoms are now FDA approved to prevent against unwanted pregnancy and STD’s.  So, ready to find your favorite flavor?

Are Flavored Condoms Safe?

One of the first topics of conversation that comes up when discussing flavored condoms is, “are flavored condoms safe”?  Many people have the assumption that they are just novelty items.  That may have been true years ago, but now most flavored condoms are safe to protect against the transmissions of STD’s and prevent pregnancy just like any other type of condom.  However, there are a few tips you may want to know about when experimenting with flavored condoms.

Flavored condoms are primarily used for oral sex.  However, you should be cautious about using them for vaginal sex.  To understand this you need to know how flavored condoms are designed.  Flavored condoms are typically just a normal latex condom that is covered with a flavored coating.  We all know that latex doesn’t taste very good (think about a dentists glove in your mouth, yuck!).  So, flavored condoms are a great way to make oral sex much more enjoyable.  But that flavored coating is often very sweet and contains sugars and other flavorings that could cause a vaginal infection.  Although these infections are not sexually transmitted, they can still be very uncomfortable to deal with.  We always recommend switching to a traditional condom or other condom designed for vaginal sex.  However, if a flavored condom is all you have, its better than not using any protection!

Flavored Condoms: The Right Condom for Oral Sex

First off, flavored condoms are definitely the right condom for oral sex. Yes, you heard that right, oral sex. Many people choose to use condoms for oral sex as there is the risk of contracting STD’s with oral as well as vaginal and anal sex. So, if you aren’t sure about yourself or your partner, play it safe and consider using a condom for oral sex. In addition, some people who may not enjoy giving oral sex often prefer to use flavored condoms. The flavors out there range from chocolate strawberry, cola, banana split, mint chocolate, bubble gum and many more!  For the giving partner this can make the experience much more enjoyable while also making sure both parties are protected.

Flavored Condom Reviews

So, what about flavored condom reviews?  Is it all its cracked up to be?  Well, lets just say that some flavors are more popular than others.  Just like with ice cream flavors, we all have our own preferences.  Some of the more popular flavors are Bubble Gum, Tropical,  Fresh Mint, Banana Split and Chocolate.  On the other hand, people found whiskey, cola, weed and vanilla flavors gag worthy.  Check out our friends at Buzzfeed and their taste test of several flavored condoms.

Why Do People Use Flavored Condoms?

Still wondering why do people use flavored condoms?  Well, flavored condoms may not be for everyone.  But, there are plenty that swear by them.  Especially for use during oral sex.  We all like to add a little variety into the usual routine.  Why not give flavored condoms a try?  Also consider, if your partner isn’t fond of oral flavored condoms could be a great way to make the experience more enjoyable for them.  Keep in mind that the best sexual experiences are when both people are having fun and enjoying themselves.  What better way to have fun in the bedroom than with flavored condoms.

Who Buys Flavored Condoms?

So, who actually buys flavored condoms?  The short answer, young college aged females.  Yep you read that right, ladies buy condoms too.  Over the past several years and the stigma of safe sex is torn away women have been taking more control over their sexual health.  No longer is providing condoms the “mans responsibility”.  Women are more empowered today than ever and are making more condom purchases than ever before.  The appeal of flavored condoms to women are great.  They usually have more colorful packaging and offer more variety as there are usually several flavors per package.  This all adds up to a product that is much more versatile and appealing to women than the traditional plain condom with very little innovation or features.

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