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Glow in the Dark Condoms: 5 Reasons to Go for the Glow

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Glow in the Dark Condoms

Ever imagined your member was a light saber fighting against the dark side in a X-Rated Star Wars Saga? Ok, maybe that’s just us. But now you actually can with glow in the dark condoms! Here we will talk about how glow in the dark condoms work and why they are a great way to spice things up and have a little fun with your partner.

5 Reasons to Try Glow in the Dark Condoms

1. How do Glow in the Dark Condoms Work?
Ever wondered how glow in the dark condoms work? They are designed with a 3-layer system. The outer and inner layer are made of an ultra-thin latex material similar to that used in thin condoms. What makes it glow is the middle layer. It consists of a phosphorus pigment that will glow after being exposed to light. Yes, it’s completely safe and FDA approved. For best results, expose the glow in the dark condom to light for 30 seconds just prior to use. For the ONE Glowing Pleasures, this can be done while it’s still in the package. Next, put on the condom as recommended (How to Use a Condom) and cut the lights. Prepare to be amazed!

2. No More Searching in the Dark
When the lights are out, it’s easy to lose track of where everything’s at. That’s why glow in the dark condoms are great to keep handy. Make sure they have been exposed to light for at least 30 seconds prior to foreplay. Remember, this can be done while they are still in the wrapper. And it makes them easy to find and put on in the dark. No more knocking over the lamp post or rummaging around in your sock drawer. Or worse yet, stopping foreplay to turn on the lights…yikes!

3. Reliable and Trustworthy
Glow in the dark condoms aren’t just a fun novelty item. They come with the same safety protections and quality standards as any other condom. ONE Glowing Pleasures are rigorously triple tested before they ever leave the factory. They protect against STD’s and unwanted pregnancies the same as other high quality ONE Brand Condoms.

4. Increased Stamina
Since glow in the dark condoms use a special 3-layer system, they can be a little thicker than some other condoms. This can actually be a good thing for several men. If you are looking to last longer for your partner, using a glow in the dark condom can be a great option. However, for some men this can be problematic. Especially those that are on anti-depressants or other medication that can make it harder to finish.

5. Glowing is Growing
Not saying this is an illusion worthy of David Blane status, but glow in the dark condoms can make things appear larger than life. When the room is dark, you can light the way with your glow in the dark condom. Shining bright in the night, your member will look bigger than ever.

top 10 condom mistakes

Top 10 Condom Mistakes

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Condom Mistakes

Do you know the top 10 Condom Mistakes?  You could be making a fatal error and not even know it.  Putting on a condom isn’t rocket science, but there are some common mistakes you need to be aware of.  Even the most seasoned condom user might learn a thing or two.  Read below for the Top 10 Condom Mistakes.

Top 10 Condom Mistakes

  1. Not Checking Expiration Date– Using condoms after they expire is never ok.  Condoms can break down over time and small microscopic tears can form, leaving you and your partner at risk for STD transmission or pregnancy.
  2. Improper storage of condoms– Just keep it in your wallet or in your car right?  Wrong!  Condoms should always be stored in a cool dry place.  They should also be in a safe place where they aren’t being moved or handled often.  Failing to do so could result in the failure of your condom.
  3. No Lubrication– Most condoms come with a small amount of lubrication on it.  However this isn’t always enough.  After several minutes that lubrication can wear off and the condom is vulnerable to tearing or breaking.  Also, make sure to use the proper kind of lubricant.  Water or Silicone based are the recommended types.  Never use oil based (Vaseline) as the oils can break down the latex in the condom.
  4. Reusing a condom– Reusing a disposable razor, no judgements here.  But reusing a condom?  Really?  Condoms are very inexpensive so there is no reason to be stingy.  Always make sure to have several extra available incase you have one that breaks or tears.  Or if you’re feeling up for round 2!
  5. Late Application– The condom should always be applied before penetration.  Duh!  However, several men report waiting until they get close to climax before putting one on.  Doing this will leave you and your partner vulnerable to STD’s or pregnancy from pre-ejaculation fluids.
  6. Removing Early– Its not rocket science, the condom needs to stay on the whole time.  Despite this being common knowledge, many men report that they end up taking the condom off at some point during intercourse.  Don’t be “that guy”.
  7. Not Pinching The Tip– When applying the condom, you should always pinch the tip to remove air before rolling it down.  If not, the air bubble at the tip could rip or tear.
  8. Late withdrawal– After ejaculating you should immediately remove your penis.  If you don’t, your penis can become flaccid and semen can spill from the condom.
  9. Inside Out Condom– Its very common to accidently start to put the condom on inside out.  If this happens, toss it and get a new one.  Flipping it over and using it can expose your partner to pre-ejaculation fluids and put them at risk for pregnancy or STD’s.
  10. Not wearing a condom– Yes, this is unfortunately more common than you may think.  And the biggest mistake you can make.  According to a recent study by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, only 45% of men aged 18-24 used a condom with their last sexual partner.
how to use a condom

How To Use A Condom

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How to use a condom properly

Could you be using a condom the wrong way and not even know it?  According to Planned Parenthood, over 40% of men that use condoms do not use condoms correctly.  It may seem like a simple process, but if not done correctly it can have dire consequences.  Make sure you know how to use a condom before having sex.  Proper condom usage prevents viral STD Transmission such as HIV, Herpes and Hepatitis B as well as bacterial STD’s  chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and syphilis.  In addition, proper condom use is an extremely effective birth control method.  Follow these 8 simple steps below to make sure you are using condoms correctly.

How to Use a Condom Instructions

Follow these 8 simple steps for proper condom use

Step 1: Choose a New Condom

Always use a new condom for each sex act

Step 2: Check Expiration Date

Check the expiration date on the condom.  Never use a condom that is expired.

Step 3: Open Condom Package

Open the package being careful not to damage the condom.

Step 4: Prepare the Condom

Squeeze the tip of the condom so that there is no air inside.

Step 5: Place Condom on Penis

While holding the tip of the condom, place the condom on the tip of the erect penis.

Step 6: Roll the Condom Downward

Gently roll the condom down to the base of the penis.  If the condom will not unroll it may be expired or on backwards.  Discard it and use a new condom.

Step 7: After Intercourse Remove Penis

Remove the penis immediately after ejaculation while still erect.  This will prevent any semen from leaking.

Step 8: Removal and Dispose of Condom

Remove condom and dispose of in the trash. Do not flush down the toilet.


Kama Sutra: Separating Fact From Fiction

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The Kama Sutra is just a book of crazy sex positions right?  Or is it much more than that?  Here we separate myth from fact and how it can revive your love life.

Kama Sutra: Separating Fact From Fiction

The Kama Sutra is just a book with pictures of sex positions.

While the Kama Sutra does go into great detail to describe some of the most intimate sexual positions, this only makes up about 20% of the book.  Just 1 of the seven sections of the book is dedicated to sexual positions.  Also included in this section is moaning, personal grooming, biting and much more.  The Kama Sutra is really a book dedicated to love, desire and how healthy sex and relationships can inspire one to be their best self.  The other sections of the Kama Sutra explore proper conduct, how to find the right partner and how to make money.

You have to be an acrobat to try any of the positions

This couldn’t be further from the truth!  Although, there are some that seem to be mind boggling, there are many more that you can use to spice up the bedroom without pulling a muscle.  The Kama Sutra is a reliable and proven source of knowledge dating back thousands of years. Don’t be afraid to add a new move to you and your partners repritoir.  Remember, its ok if you can’t achieve all the positions, it’s all about having fun and exploring with your partner.

What does Kama Sutra mean?

Possibly the first thing to understand about the Kama Sutra is to understand its translation.  Kama is one of the four goals in Hindu life.  It means to fulfill your desires, including sexual desire which is a main focus of the Kama Sutra.  Sutra in Hindu means the thread or line that holds things together.  Also thought of as a formula or manual to achieve a desired outcome.  Therefore, the Kama Sutra translates to the “guide to fulfilling your desires” specifically your intimate desires.

Who is the author of the Kama Sutra?

Most people will tell you that the author of the Kama Sutra is Vatsayayana and that the book was written sometime between 200 B.C. and 400 A.D.  While technically correct, he even says in the books first chapter that he is drawing on the ancient Hindu works of Nandikeshvara and Shvetaketu among others.  These writers created most of the original content found in the Kama Sutra.  But it was Vatsayayana that compiled it together and split the works into 7 distinct chapters.

The Kamasutra has been a popular book throughout history

Although in recent years, the Kamasutra has become immensely popular, that hasn’t always been the case.  It wasn’t even translated into English until 1883 by Sir Richard Francis Burton.  Burton is also credited with translating Arabian Nights to english.  The Kamasutra went relatively unknown for some time as it was outlawed by most European countries.  In fact, it was illegal in Britain until 1963!  Since then, it has gained immense popularity with those looking to explore their sexual desires and improve their sexual lives.

safe anal sex

Safe Anal Sex: Do I Need to Use a Condom?

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Anal Sex has more mystery and myth surrounding it than Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster combined.  It’s still considered very taboo by many people and that’s how so much misinformation gets put out there.  One of these myths is “you don’t need to use a condom for anal sex”.  Here we will discuss the many reasons that using a condom is imperative to safe anal sex.

Safe Anal Sex: Can I Still Get STI’s From Anal?

Yes…Yes…Yes!!  STI’s are actually more likely to be transmitted through anal sex as opposed to vaginal or oral sex.  This is because during anal sex, the anus will develop microscopic tears that expose extremely small amounts of blood.  This makes both partners susceptible to transmitting a disease such as HIV or Hep C.  This is the case even when plenty of lubrication is used.  Many experts agree that to truly have safe anal sex 100% of the time, always use a condom.  Even in a monogamous committed relationship.

In addition, not using a condom puts both partners at risk of contracting HPV.  Certain strains of HPV are known to cause genital warts and forms of cancer.  Don’t take the chance, always use a condom for safe anal sex.

Safe Anal Sex: What About Urinary Tract Infections?

We all know what the anus’s primary fucntion is…so we won’t dive into details there.  With that said, no matter how “clean” you are there will be trace amounts of fecal matter and bacteria that you will be exposed to.  This can lead to UTI’s of both male and female partners.  Yes, you read that right, males can get UTI’s too!  As the top (or penetrator) your penis and urethra are exposed to fecal matter if you choose not to use a condom.  This can lead to a very painful UTI for men.  For women, there is a cardinal rule that you never ever break.  When switching from anal to vaginal sex always change condoms.  If you neglect to do this, fecal matter and bacteria can enter the vagina and cause you to develop a UTI.  Bottom line, don’t take the risk.  Always use a condom for safe anal sex.

Safe Anal Sex: Is it Still Pleasurable With a Condom?

Not only do condoms protect both partners engaging in safe anal sex, they can also make it more enjoyable.  Condoms have a smoother surface than bare skin and glide better when used with the correct lubricant.  This can lead to a more comfortable experience.  Even more, the condom can increase the endurance of the top partner and help them to last longer.  Since the anus is naturally tighter, many men experience that they reach climax much faster than normal.  

When it comes to choosing a lubricant, make sure to stay away from petroleum based lubricants (such a vaseline).  The petroleum can break down the condom and create microscopic holes leaving both parties at risk.  Always use a water or silicone based lubricant.  Most people have best results with a silicone based lubricant such and the ONE Move.  The water based lubricants are absorbed over time by the body and you will need to reapply.  Whereas the silicone based lubricants last much longer and provide a smoother experience causing less discomfort and friction.

Safe Anal Sex: Wrap it Up!

Bottom line here is that the key to safe anal sex is using a condom 100% of the time.  Not only will it protect you and your partner against STI’s, UTI’s and other diseases, it can still be pleasurable as well.  Don’t take the risk…it’s never worth it.  Be safe and wrap it up…enjoy!


Condom Size: One size fits all or Custom Fit?

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Does condom size really matter?  How do you know you have the right condom for you?  Choosing the right condom size that fits you best will boost your performance in the bedroom and add to you and your partner’s pleasure.

Why Does Condom Size Matter?

Do you know your condom size?  Most people don’t, so no worries, you’re not alone.  According to British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) the average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches.  Feel better about your size already right?  Don’t let your ego fool you, choosing the correct condom size has many benefits for you.  If a condom is too tight or too small is could break or tear.  You may also experience the dreaded “erectile dis-function” due to the blood supply being cut off.  On the other hand, a condom that is too large can slip off.  Not only does this make the condom completely ineffective, it can also lead again to the dreaded “erectile dis-function”.  We call all agree those are situations we don’t want to find ourselves in right?

How Do I Find My Condom Size?

First, we need to take some measurements.  So get your ruler, tape measure and some string.  

  • Measure your penis circumference.  This is the most important measurement, more important than total length.  Condoms are designed to roll out to the proper length.  However, circumference is what will give you the perfect fit.  Use a measuring tape, or a string and wrap it around the widest part of your erect penis.  If using a string, straighten it out and lay it next to a ruler.  This will give you your circumference.  
  • Check out the chart below.  Find if your condom size is a Snugger Fit, Regular Fit or Large Fit.
Circumference (In) Circumference (mm) Suggested Condom Size
< 4”- 4.7” < 102mm – 119mm Snugger Fit
4.7” – 5” 119mm – 129mm Regular Fit
5” – > 6.1” 129mm – 155mm Large Fit

Choosing The Right Condom

If you’re in the snugger fit range, take a look at options like the Trojan ENZ or the ONE Vanish Hyperthin.  These condoms have a smaller circumference and offer a thin latex that maximizes sensation for both partners.

If you’re in the Regular Fit Range, you have the most variety to choose from.  Some of our favorites are the ONE Pleasure Plus, ONE Super Sensitive and ONE 576 Sensations.  Or, explore your wild side with a ONE Flavor Waves or ONE Glowing Pleasures.

If you find yourself in the Large Range you have options as well.  Our favorites are the Trojan Magnum and the ONE Legend.

Wrap It Up!

When it comes to choosing the right condom size, there is a lot at stake.  Yes, it will optimize your performance and increase you and your partner’s pleasure.  But, it’s more than that.  A rip or tear, or it sliding off during intercourse can expose you to unwanted pregnancy, STD’s and STI’s.  Don’t risk it. And don’t let your ego get in the way.  Choose the right condom for you and enjoy!