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Flavored Condoms

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Ever thought about trying flavored condoms?  Wait, why would you need a flavored condom in the first place right?  Wrong!  Flavored condoms are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom between you and your partner.  And they aren’t just a novelty item either.  Many flavored condoms are now FDA approved to prevent against unwanted pregnancy and STD’s.  So, ready to find your favorite flavor?

Are Flavored Condoms Safe?

One of the first topics of conversation that comes up when discussing flavored condoms is, “are flavored condoms safe”?  Many people have the assumption that they are just novelty items.  That may have been true years ago, but now most flavored condoms are safe to protect against the transmissions of STD’s and prevent pregnancy just like any other type of condom.  However, there are a few tips you may want to know about when experimenting with flavored condoms.

Flavored condoms are primarily used for oral sex.  However, you should be cautious about using them for vaginal sex.  To understand this you need to know how flavored condoms are designed.  Flavored condoms are typically just a normal latex condom that is covered with a flavored coating.  We all know that latex doesn’t taste very good (think about a dentists glove in your mouth, yuck!).  So, flavored condoms are a great way to make oral sex much more enjoyable.  But that flavored coating is often very sweet and contains sugars and other flavorings that could cause a vaginal infection.  Although these infections are not sexually transmitted, they can still be very uncomfortable to deal with.  We always recommend switching to a traditional condom or other condom designed for vaginal sex.  However, if a flavored condom is all you have, its better than not using any protection!

Flavored Condoms: The Right Condom for Oral Sex

First off, flavored condoms are definitely the right condom for oral sex. Yes, you heard that right, oral sex. Many people choose to use condoms for oral sex as there is the risk of contracting STD’s with oral as well as vaginal and anal sex. So, if you aren’t sure about yourself or your partner, play it safe and consider using a condom for oral sex. In addition, some people who may not enjoy giving oral sex often prefer to use flavored condoms. The flavors out there range from chocolate strawberry, cola, banana split, mint chocolate, bubble gum and many more!  For the giving partner this can make the experience much more enjoyable while also making sure both parties are protected.

Flavored Condom Reviews

So, what about flavored condom reviews?  Is it all its cracked up to be?  Well, lets just say that some flavors are more popular than others.  Just like with ice cream flavors, we all have our own preferences.  Some of the more popular flavors are Bubble Gum, Tropical,  Fresh Mint, Banana Split and Chocolate.  On the other hand, people found whiskey, cola, weed and vanilla flavors gag worthy.  Check out our friends at Buzzfeed and their taste test of several flavored condoms.

Why Do People Use Flavored Condoms?

Still wondering why do people use flavored condoms?  Well, flavored condoms may not be for everyone.  But, there are plenty that swear by them.  Especially for use during oral sex.  We all like to add a little variety into the usual routine.  Why not give flavored condoms a try?  Also consider, if your partner isn’t fond of oral flavored condoms could be a great way to make the experience more enjoyable for them.  Keep in mind that the best sexual experiences are when both people are having fun and enjoying themselves.  What better way to have fun in the bedroom than with flavored condoms.

Who Buys Flavored Condoms?

So, who actually buys flavored condoms?  The short answer, young college aged females.  Yep you read that right, ladies buy condoms too.  Over the past several years and the stigma of safe sex is torn away women have been taking more control over their sexual health.  No longer is providing condoms the “mans responsibility”.  Women are more empowered today than ever and are making more condom purchases than ever before.  The appeal of flavored condoms to women are great.  They usually have more colorful packaging and offer more variety as there are usually several flavors per package.  This all adds up to a product that is much more versatile and appealing to women than the traditional plain condom with very little innovation or features.


When Were Condoms Invented?

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Wondering when were condoms invented?  Many will tell you that the first historical evidence of a condom comes from a cave painting in France around 11,000 B.C.  The painting is of a man and a woman having sex and it appears as if the man is covered in animal skin.  However, recent developments tell us that isn’t true.  Throughout history there have been several examples of condom use, but no documented evidence of use until around the 15th century.  These early condoms were made form sheer linens often soaked in chemicals or sheep intestines or pig bladders.  We sure have come a long ways!

When Were Condoms Invented

The modern condom made of rubber was first produced in 1855.  This is as a result of the rubber vulcanization process developed by Charles Goodyear.  Yes, the same Goodyear that makes the tires that are on your car!  By the late 1850’s several other companies began mass producing rubber products including condoms.  During the late 1800’s skin condoms were still more popular than the rubber variety.  This is because they were lower in cost and more readily available.  The reason rubber condoms cost more is because they had to be custom made.  One would have to go see a doctor and get their penis measured and then the doctor would prescribe the proper size condom.  This was a huge obstacle to men getting proper protection.  By the early 1900’s condom companies realized they could make a “one size fits all” condom that would fit most men and would be available without having to see a doctor.  When these became available in most pharmacies the regular use of condoms skyrocketed.

What Was Used Before Condoms Were Invented

Before the modern rubber condom was invented, there were several varieties that were used.  The most common were made of animal bladder, intestines or from silk cloth.  The design of these early condoms are referred to as “glan condoms” as it only covered the head of the penis.  There is evidence of these types of condoms being used throughout Asia, China, Japan and Europe.  It wasn’t until the 16th Century where we find the first documented mention of the condom.  It was made by Gabriele Falloppio who invented a device made of linen and was soaked in chemicals.  It was then wrapped around the penis and tied at the base with a ribbon.  What made this different is that fact that he intended the main use to be preventing syphilis.

When Were Condoms Popular

Condoms didn’t really gain mass appeal and popularity until the early 1900’s.  Up until then condoms faced a lot of backlash and opposition by the government and moralists.  In many areas including the United States, it was illegal to advertise condoms although they were readily available for purchase.  In some areas condoms were outlawed all together such as in Ireland until the 1970’s.  Condoms really gained popularity during WWI.  The American and UK army’s were the only countries to not readily distribute condoms to their soldiers.  Therefore, at the end of the war the United States military had diagnosed over 400,000 cases of syphilis and gonorrhea.  This in part lead to the Supreme Court overturning legislature that prevented advertising of condoms.  It was then legal to promote and market condoms as effective at preventing STD’s and as a means of birth control.

Going into the 1960’s and 1970’s the rise of sexual enlightenment and the lifting of restrictive laws opened up the gateways for condoms to continue to grow in popularity.  By this point condoms were legal in all 50 states and were legal in most developed countries.  Entering the 1980’s, the AIDS epidemic had a massive impact on the condom industry.  As awareness grew, more and more advertising and programs were put in place to help prevent the spread of AIDS.  Condoms sales continued to grow into the 1990’s and 2000’s as it became more socially acceptable to use and more readily available to purchase.

When Were Female Condoms Invented

The invention of the female condom (aka femidom or internal condom) is attributed to Danish MD Lasse Hessel.  The female condom officially launched in 1991 and has sold millions to date.  Female condoms are made from a nitrile sheath with a flexible ring at each end.  The closed end is inserted into the female vaginal and the open end is left outside the vagina.  This ring acts as a guide during penetration and keeps the condom from moving during use.  The female condom allows women to take control of their sexual health as opposed to relying on men to provide and properly use a male condom.


ONE Condoms

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ONE Condoms is the fastest growing condom brand in the US and Canada.  They are a socially aware organization that partners with several charity’s and non-profits to spread awareness and promote safe sex.  ONE Condoms are also known for their unique packaging design.  Many of the designs on their packaging are user submitted artwork.  Part of their mission is to make safe sex fun by involving their fans and customers in their artwork and design process.


ONE Condoms Brand

There are several unique things about ONE Condoms, however none are as unique as their packaging.  They actually allow users to submit their own custom artwork and design to be printed on the condom packaging.  This gives their packaging a one of a kind feel and is something you just don’t get anywhere else.  You can submit your own design, vote on their current submissions or check out some of the past design winners. ONE Condoms also do a great job of promoting social awareness causes.  They partner with universities and sexual health centers across the country to provide condoms and support to raise awareness about safe sex.  ONE Condoms also uses their design contests and artwork to support causes such as Art Against Aids, Tom of Finland, ONE Street Art and ONE Makes a Diffarence.

ONE Condom Types

ONE Condoms are not just a flashy design or package.  They offer several different types to meet whatever your need may be.  ONE Legend for the well endowed men.  ONE 576 Sensations that have nearly 600 pleasure studs.  ONE Super Sensitive that are extra thin with more lubrication.  ONE Vanish Hyperthin voted the #1 thin condom.  ONE Pleasure Plus preferred 8 to 1 over the leading condom.  ONE Flavor Waves with 6 different flavors.  ONE Glowing Pleasures for the best glow in the dark experience.

ONE Legend

ONE Legend condoms are specifically designed to give larger men the most comfortable fit.  A very common issue for larger men is finding the right fit.  If a condom is too small or tight, it could tear or break.  In addition, it can also be very uncomfortable and cut off blood flow that leads to erectile dysfunction.  This is where ONE Legend saves the day.  Designed to be longer and wider than a standard condom with added room at the tip.  It’s also made from Sensatex latex.  A super soft and durable latex that is triple tested for safety and reliability.


ONE 576 Sensations

ONE 576 Sensations condoms are designed with nearly 600 pleasure inducing studs.  Studded condoms are preferred by many condoms users.  In fact, several condom users report that once they try studded condoms, they don’t go back to regular condoms.  The studs on ONE 576 Sensations are designed to give added friction for both partners.  Female partners often prefer studded condoms because it can increase the sensations they feel inside the vaginal wall.  Male partners prefer them because it provides extra friction and sensations especially on the bottom of the penis where the majority of your nerve sensors are.  ONE 576 Sensations are made from super soft Sensatex latex and triple tested for safety and reliability.


ONE Super Sensitive

ONE Super Sensitive condoms are designed to provide the most sensitive sensations.  A common issue with most standard condoms is that it just doesn’t feel the same.  Some partners have a hard time using condoms consistently because they know they wont get the same feeling as without a condom.  This is why the ONE Super Sensitive condom was designed.  One of the most common reasons for lack of sensations is not enough lubrication.  Most condoms come with some lubricant on it but ONE Super Sensitive comes with 50% more premium silicone lubricant.  It is also made from super soft Sensatex latex, the softest latex on the market.  This provides the sensitive, soft and close pleasures you are looking for.


ONE Vanish Hyperthin

ONE Vanish Hyperthin condoms are 35% thinner than regular condoms.  Rated the #1 Thin Condoms, this gives you the closest experience yet.  For those that are looking for the closest experience to not wearing a condom this is the condom for you.  Constructed of Sensatex latex, the softest latex on the market, you will feel closer than ever before.  Although ONE Vanish Hyperthin condoms are thinner, they are just as reliable as other condoms.  As with all ONE Condoms, they are triple tested for safety and reliability.


ONE Pleasure Plus

ONE Pleasure Plus condoms are preferred 8 to 1 over the leading condom.  Scientifically developed with a pleasure shaped dome and internal ribs.  This condom is sure to please.  The pleasure dome provides extra room at the tip for a more comfortable fit.  It also has internal ribs that help to stimulate from the inside out.  ONE Pleasure Plus condoms are made from Sensatex latex and triple tested for safety and reliability.  All of this leads to a condom that was preferred 8 to 1 over the leading condom in an Emory University study.


ONE Flavor Waves

ONE Flavor Waves are the leading flavored condoms on the market.  A great way to spice things up in the bedroom.  ONE Flavor Waves come in 6 different flavors, Chocolate Strawberry, Island Punch, Fresh Mint, Bubblegum, Mint Chocolate and Banana Split.  Whats great about these condoms is they aren’t just a novelty item.  They are FDA approved for protection against pregnancy and STD’s.  Constructed from Sensatex latex, ONE Flavor Waves are triple tested for safety and reliability.


ONE Glowing Pleasures

ONE Glowing Pleasures are the premium glow in the dark condom on the market.  They are a great way have some fun and change things up in the bedroom.  The role playing options are endless, start wars light saber, superman’s kryptonite, a light stick at a rave, glow in the dark light to find treasure in a dark cave etc.  The great thing is that the ONE Glowing Pleasures are also FDA approved for protection against STD’s and pregnancy.  These are not just a novelty item.  Made from Sensatex latex, these condoms are triple texted for safety and reliability.


How Effective Are Condoms?

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How effective are condoms?  When used properly every single time condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy and transmission of STD’s.  However, people aren’t perfect and therefore don’t always follow proper instructions of using a condom.  So, in actuality condoms are about 85% effective.  Make sure you use condoms correctly every time for maximum protection.


How Effective Are Condoms Against Pregnancy and STD's?

You may have thought to yourself, are condoms effective against pregnancy and STD’s?  The short answer is yes, condoms do work.  They are a great way of inexpensive birth control and prevent the transmission of STD’s.  However, it’s imperative that you use condoms properly for them to work best.  When used properly every time condoms are 98% effective.  Unfortunately, many people make mistakes when using condoms.  First, you always want to make sure the condoms is not expired.  If it is, just throw it away and get a new one.  You also want to make sure you store your condoms properly.  Keep them in a cool dry place where they aren’t handled a lot.  DO NOT keep them in your wallet or car.  You’ll also want to make sure you put the condom on before any sexual contact.  Pre-ejaculate (pre cum) is common and even a tiny bit can transmit STD’s or cause pregnancy.  Also, make sure to pinch the tip of the condom before application.  This makes room for the semen when you ejaculate.  As silly as it may sound, keep the condom on until you are finished, do not remove it early.  If you accidently start to put on a condom inside out, start over with a new condom.  And finally, make sure to use a new condom for each sexual act.  Never reuse a condom.

Do Condoms Prevent Herpes?

Condoms can greatly lower the risk of giving or getting herpes.  But, it is not 100% effective.  Herpes is contracted from skin to skin sexual contact such as vaginal, oral and anal sex.  Herpes can be present on areas of your body that are not protected by the condom.  Such as scrotum, butt cheeks, upper thighs and labia.  If you or your partner has herpes, there are some other safety measures you can take to help prevent transmission.  Don’t have sex when there is a herpes outbreak.  Even with a condom.  This is when you are most likely to contract it.  However, it can be transmitted when there are no sores or outbreaks so its still important to use condoms even when there is no signs.  Don’t have sex again until all signs such as sores, bumps and scabs are totally gone.  You also don’t want to touch your herpes sores as this could spread the infection to other areas.  Always wash your hands thoroughly after touching an infected area.  Always tell your partner that you have herpes before having sex.  That way you can work together to best prevent it.

Do Condoms Prevent HIV/AIDS?

The only way to prevent HIV entirely is to abstain from having sex.  Absinance is very difficult as most of us will have sex at some point in our lives and possibly with many different partners.  The next best preventative measure available is latex condomsCondoms are extremely effective in preventing STD’s including HIV. When used correctly condoms are up to 98% effective.  In fact, in one study of 123 couples where one partner had HIV and condoms were used every single time for sex there were no reported instances of transferring HIV.  However, in the same study, there were 122 couples that did not use condoms every time and 12 previously uninfected partners contracted HIV.  The results speak for themselves.  Using condoms correctly every time is the best preventative measure against HIV transmission other than abstinence.

Do Condoms Prevent HPV?

Condoms are great at preventing many types of STD’s including HPV.  As always, the best way to avoid contracting a STD is to refrain from having sex completely.  But, if you choose to have sex condoms are the best way to prevent STD’s.  HPV can infect areas that are not protected by a condom therefore condoms are not 100% effective in prevention of HPV.  The good news is there is also a vaccine that can prevent it as well.  HPV is one of the most common STD’s and it’s great knowing there is a vaccine.  There are 3 different types of vaccine – Gardasil, Gardasil 9 and Cervarix.  These protect against HPV 16 and 18 which are the two types that cause 70% of cervical cancer cases.  Gardasil also protects again type 6 and 11 which cause 90% of genital warts.  Gardasil 9 includes another 5 types of HPV.  It is recommended that children get the vaccine at age 11 or 12 before they may become sexually active.  However, you can get the vaccine up to age 26.  Be sure to talk to your doctor to discuss all of your options.

Can You Get Pregnant if You Use a Condom?

Condoms are about 98% effective if used properly every single time you have sex.  However, many people don’t use condoms correctly or neglect to use a condom every time they have sex.  In fact, condoms have about an 85% success rate in people that report using condoms as their only birth control method.  Now, you can greatly increase your odds here by following proper condom application processes.  That means wearing them every time you have sex.  For the entire time you are having sex.  Never reuse a condom.  Make sure the condom is rolled onto the penis properly.  Also make sure to use a silicone or water based lubricant to prevent rips or tears.  Another way to decrease your odds of becoming pregnant is to use two forms of birth control.  You can use condoms plus, the pill, the patch, IUD etc.  Discuss all your birth control options with your doctor.

Why Do Condoms Break?

Condoms rarely break if used properly.  Check here for a complete guide to using condoms correctly.  The main reason condoms break is due to improper storage.  Condoms should always be stored in a cool dry place where they aren’t handled roughly.  Never keep a condom in your wallet or car as they will be handled too much or get too hot.  When this happens the condom could dry out or become worn and not be effective.  Also, always make sure to check the expiration date before using a condom.  If a condom is expired the latex could dry out and become brittle causing it to break or tear.  Also, make sure to use plenty of lubrication.  Most condoms come with some lubrication but its not always enough.  Make sure to use a silicone or water based lubricant.  Never use a petroleum based lubricant such a Vaseline as it will cause the latex to break down and tear.  Lastly, make sure you are using the correct size condom.  Using a condom that is too small or too large can cause the condom to fail.

Why Do Condoms Expire?

Condoms expire over time because the latex used will eventually dry out and become stiff and brittle.  When this happens the condom is no longer effective at preventing STD’s and pregnancy.  All condoms that are FDA approved must have an expiration date printed on it.  Always check the expiration date and if it is expired discard it and use another one.  In addition, if the condom feels stiff, hard or dry, it could be damaged.  Condoms should always be stored in a cool dry place where they don’t get handled much.  If they aren’t it could cause them to go bad before the expiration date.


How are Condoms Sold?

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How are condoms sold? You can purchase condoms in most Convenience Stores, Drug Stores, Pharmacies, Big Box Stores, Grocery Stores and they are available online.  Condoms are generally sold in packs of 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36.  You can also get condoms at health centers and planned parenthood centers for free.  Condoms are relatively easy to find and are an inexpensive form of birth control and protection against STD’s/STI’s.


Where and How are Condoms Sold?

You can find condoms at most big box stores, drug stores, convenience stores, grocery stores etc.  Condoms are very easy to find and are a great inexpensive form of birth control.  Condoms are also the best protection again contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, HPV, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and others.  However, many people are embarrassed or apprehensive about buying condoms at the store.  Often times the condoms are locked in a case that has to be opened by a store associate.  This is because condoms are a high theft item.  Some drug stores and convenience stores keep them behind the register with tobacco products.  Again, this can make for an awkward encounter.  Especially if you see someone you know in line!  Thankfully, like most anything else, condoms are sold online.  This is often the easiest and least expensive way of buying condoms.  They are shipped to your door eliminating the awkward looks at the store.  You can even sign up for automatic renewals so that you never forget to by them and never run out.

How Many Condoms Come in a Pack?

Condoms are usually sold in packs of 3, 6, 12, 24 and 36.  The condoms will be individually wrapped according to FDA regulations.  Every condom should have an FDA approval stamped on it and have an expiration date.  Never use a condom that is expired.  You can also buy condoms in bulk packs of 50 or 100.  These will usually have to be purchased online and they are not available in most stores.  Experts recommend always having a few extra condoms available.  Many people report using 2-3 condoms per sexual encounter.  This is because you should always use a new condom for each sex act and for each new erection.  Condoms should never be reused.  You never want to find yourself in a situation where you need another condom and don’t have one.  They are usually less expensive the more you buy.  So, go ahead and go for the 24 pack.  Or, sign up for automatic reorders for your favorite condoms online.  That way you never have to run out again!

Do I need an ID to Buy Condoms?

You do not need an ID to buy condoms.  There is no legal age minimum for purchasing condoms.  Some stores keep the condoms behind the counter with tobacco products or locked in a case.  This is just because they are a high theft item and they don’t want people stealing them.  The store attendant should never ask for your ID to buy condoms.  If they do, you can refuse to show it to them and they cannot legally refuse to sell you the condoms.  Be confident in your condom purchase.  You are making a healthy and mature decision to use proper protection.  Don’t let anyone stop you!

How Old do You have to be to Buy Condoms?

You have to be 18 to buy tobacco products, 21 to buy alcohol, 24 to rent a car, but no age limit to buy condoms.  Many people think you have to be 18.  But that is incorrect.  Anyone can purchase condoms and you don’t have to show your ID.  If you still feel awkward about making the purchase, or you don’t want to be seen in public, you can always buy condoms online.  Many people are turning to this as they are less expensive and much more convenient.

How Much Do Condoms Cost?

Condoms generally cost between $0.50-$1.50 each.  The cost varies based on the type of condom and the amount in the pack.  Condoms that are ribbed, spermicide, extra large, ultra thin, flavored, studded, glow in the dark etc. can cost a little extra.  But, it can be well worth it to find the right condom size that fits you and that you enjoy.  Condoms are also usually less expensive the more that you buy in a pack.  For example, a 24 pack is going to cost much less on a per condom basis than a 3 pack would.  Overall, condoms are pretty inexpensive especially considering the safety the provide you and your partner.


Types of Condoms

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Choosing a condom can be a really fun experience.  However, there are so many types of condoms to choose from!  Studded or smooth, glow in the dark or flavored, thin or pleasure shaped.  How do you know which one to pick?  Below we discuss the different types of condoms and will help you find the perfect fit for you.


Condom Types and Styles - A Know All Guide

When looking a different types of condoms you want to make sure you don’t make a mistake.  First, make sure the condom is FDA approved for STI and Pregnancy Prevention.  Next, you always want to check the expiration date to make sure it is still good to use.  If it doesn’t meet these two criteria, don’t use it!  But that’s just the beginning.  When it comes time to make the decision, you need to decide if you are going for something unique and different or functional.  Some of the unique and different styles are glow in the dark and flavored condoms.  These are a great option to change things up and add some variety to the bedroom.  If you are going the functional route, you can choose from regular,large,  studded, thin or pleasure shaped condoms among many others.  The regular fit is exactly what you’d think.  Its a straight wall design with a classic fit for the comfort you know and love.  Not sure what size condom you need?  Check out our easy condom size guide.  Studded condoms are a great option to provide a different feel.  The condom will have raised studs on it that help to enhance the pleasure female partners.  Another option is extra thin condoms.  These are made out of an ultra thin latex that allows both partners to feel maximum pleasure.  Ultra thin condoms are loved by those looking for the closest to a natural feel.  Lastly pleasure shaped condoms offer extra room at the head of the penis.  Many men feel this give them a more comfortable fit and prefer it to other condoms.

Glow in the Dark Condoms

Glow in the dark condoms are made using a scientifically designed 3 layer system.  The outer and inner layer are made of ultra thin latex material.  The middle layer is made with a phosphorous pigment that will glow when exposed to light.  Simply expose the glow in the dark condom to light for 30 seconds before use and you will be lighting the way in the bedroom!

Flavored Condoms

You may be asking yourself, “Why would someone want flavored condoms?”  Well, if you’ve ever been to the dentist and have their hands in your mouth with gloves on, you know that latex doesn’t taste good.  Flavored condoms are made just like any other latex condom but with an added flavored coating.  Some of the most popular flavors are Chocolate Strawberry, Mint, Island Punch, Banana Split and Bubble Gum. This can make the experience much more pleasurable for the giver of oral sex.  Flavored condoms can be a fun way to add some variety to the bedroom, but they also protect against STD’s like regular condoms as well.  Many people don’t know that you can contract STD’s from oral sex.  STD’s can be transmitted via blood, skin to skin contact and bodily fluids.  Its always best to be safe and make sure to protect yourself and your partner during any type of sexual contact.

Studded and Textured Condoms

Studded and textured condoms are unique as they have raised studs or ribs  specifically designed to increase pleasure for both partners.  Many people say that they cant feel anything while using a standard condom during sex.  However, after trying a studded or textured condom they report a heightened sensation.  The ribs and studs add pleasure to both the penis and the interior vaginal wall. Studded condoms have raised dots strategically placed in the pleasure intensive areas.  This helps stimulate and excite both partners in both their pleasure zones leading to more enjoyment during sex. Textured condoms most commonly used a ribbed design.  Ribs are raised ridges specifically placed to create more friction for both partners.  This helps to increase sensations that lead to a better sexual experience for everyone.

Warming Condoms

Looking for a new way to heat things up in the bedroom?  Warming condoms are an exiting way to turn up the heat!  Warming condoms are made similar to a standard latex condom but are coated inside and out with a warming sensation lube.  This is especially preferred by many female partners as it heightens the sensitivity and tightens the inner vaginal wall.  But some people also find it distracting and that the warming sensation can make it harder to climax.  Feel free to give this one a try buy might also be a good idea to have your trusty favorite condoms handy as well.

Pleasure Shaped Condoms

Pleasure shaped condoms are uniquely designed to contour to the shape of the penis.  Where as regular or classic condoms are designed with a straight wall, pleasure shaped condoms have a flared pouch at the head.  Some pleasure shaped condoms also have fine internal ribs designed to stimulate pleasure.  A recent Emory University study found that pleasure shaped condoms are preferred 8 to 1 over other condoms.

Colored Condoms

Colored condoms are always a fan favorite.  One thing you always want to check on though is that they are FDA approved for protection against pregnancy and STD’s.  In addition, make sure the colored condom is not expired.  There are several colored condoms on the market that are fun for gimmicks but not suitable for proper protection.  Colored condoms are made from the same type of latex as other condoms but the latex is dyed before the production of the condoms.  This allows the condoms to be just as safe as any other condom while giving you the fun of using your favorite color.

Sensis Condoms

Sensis condoms are a revolutionary new product.  They offer a unique patented QuickStrip design that allows the condom to be put on faster and more secure than a regular condom.  You have to see it to believe it.  Check out their video here.  By using the strips to apply the condom you are less likely to rip it while putting it on.  It also keeps your hands off of it which means more lubrication stays on the condom which can help prevent rips or tears during sex.

French Ticklers

Ever heard of a French Tickler?  Maybe you have, if not you’ve come to the right place!  The French Tickler is a condom that has a massaging type accessory at the tip.  So, think of your typical condom…but with a little friend to help out at the end.  These are a great way to change things up and add some new accessories to the bedroom.

Tingling Pleasure Condoms

Tingling pleasure condoms are often preferred by women.  They are coated with a tingling lubricant that helps enhance the sensations on the inside of the vaginal wall.  Many females enjoy this added stimulating sensation.  Men can also benefit from it as well.  The tingling sensation can help with premature ejaculation.  Some men report that the tingling pleasure condoms help them to last longer in bed.  Sounds like a win win to us!

Edible Condoms

Edible condoms are a great kinky addition to the bedroom.  They are great for oral sex as they come in several delicious flavors such as bubblegum, mint, chocolate, cola and more.  However, there are a few things you need to be aware of.  First, edible condoms are for novelty use only.  The do not protect against STD’s or prevent pregnancy.  They are designed to dissolve when wet so be sure you use other methods of birth control.  Second, edible condoms are made with sugar and other organic materials to provide the flavors.  This can sometimes cause yeast infections in women.  Therefore, do not use them for vaginal or anal sex.  Remember, these are for novelty use and foreplay.  So have some fun, but play it safe at the same time.


Condom Sizes

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Does it really matter which condom size you choose?  Actually, it matters a lot.  There are several different condoms sizes out there, how do you choose the right one?  Most condom sizes fall into 3 different categories Snugger Fit, Regular Fit and Large Fit.  The best and most accurate way to find your condom size is to measure your penis.  The most important measurement is the circumference.  Most condoms are designed to roll out to the proper length.  Choosing the right circumference is what will give you the perfect fit.  Simply wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your erect penis.  You can also use a string and the measure it with a ruler.  Once you have this measurement, check out the condom size chart to the right to find your condom size.


Small Condom Sizes

The most important thing about choosing a condom is choosing the right size.  If the circumference of your erect penis is less than 4.7″ (119mm) you should be looking for Small Condom Sizes.  Some of our favorite options are the Trojan ENZ and ONE Vanish Hyperthin.  Both of these condoms have a smaller circumference and ultra thin latex that maximizes sensation.  Don’t let your ego get in the way.  If you choose a condom that is too large, it could come off during sex and expose you to STD’s and unwanted pregnancy.

Regular Condom Sizes

When choosing a condom, you want to always make sure you choose the correct size.  If your penis has a circumference between 4.7″-5″ (119mm-129mm) you should Regular Condom Sizes.  The great thing about being in this range is you have the widest variety to choose from.  Some of the most popular styles are the ONE Pleasure Plus, ONE Super Sensitive and ONE 576 Sensations.  You can also have some fun and try the ONE Flavor Waves or ONE Glowing Pleasures.  It is important to choose the correct condom size for you.  If you choose a condom that is too tight, it could break or tear.  Choosing one too large could cause it to come off during intercourse.  Both of these scenarios can expose you to STD’s and unwanted pregnancy.

Large Condom Sizes

The first thing you need to do before choosing a condom is to find the correct size for you.  Measure the circumference of your erect penis at it’s widest point.  If your measurement is between 5″-6.1″ (129mm-155mm) you should be looking for Large Condom Sizes.  It is very important that you choose the correct condom.  A condom that is too tight could break or tear exposing you or your partner to STD’s or unwanted pregnancy.  Two of the most popular large condom sizes are the Trojan Magnum and the ONE Legend.


How old do you have to be to buy a condom?

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You may have wondered “how old do you have to be to buy a condom”? The good news is, there is no age restriction to buy condoms!  Many stores keep them locked or behind the counter with tobacco products and other items that may have age limits, but you do not need to show ID to purchase condoms.  It can be a sometimes embarrassing process, asking a store employee to unlock the condoms or to grab some from behind the counter.  But know that you are making a responsible decision and its much more embarrassing to contract a STD or have an unwanted pregnancy.  You can also buy condoms online.  My Condom Club ships your favorite condoms discretely to your door on your schedule.  No more overpaying at the convenience store.  No more embarrassing encounters at the register.  Never run out of condoms again.


Where can you buy condoms under 18?

Condoms can be bought at most convenience stores, drug stores, grocery stores or big box department stores.  Any of these places can sell condoms to those under 18 as there is no age restriction to purchase condoms.  However, there are a few drawbacks to purchasing condoms at retail locations.  Many locations keep the condoms locked up or behind the counter as they are a high theft item.  Don’t let this make you think you are going to be asked for an I.D. though.  But it can be kind of awkward to pick one out while someone is looking over your shoulder.  One other drawback is that they can be overpriced.  The convenience stores and the drug stores tend to have the highest prices.  Lastly, there is always the awkward looks at the register.  Or seeing your girlfriends dad on your way out.  Yikes!  But have no fear, like most anything else you can buy condoms online.  This is the most convenient and cost effective way to purchase condoms.  My Condom Club delivers your favorite condoms discretely to your doorstep in non identifiable packages.

Is there a certain age you need to be to buy condoms?

You may have heard that there is a certain age you need to be to buy condoms.  This is FALSE!  There are no age restrictions to purchasing condoms.  It can be deceiving though, as many stores keep the condoms locked up or behind the counter with the tobacco products.  If they do, its just because they are a high theft item.  Stores are not required to see I.D. for you to purchase a condom as there is no age limit like there is for alcohol or tobacco.  Even with that, many people still find the buying process to be somewhat embarrassing or awkward.  Luckily you can buy condoms online as well!  My Condom Club delivers your favorite condoms discretely to your door on your schedule.  No more awkward looks at the register.  No more over paying at the drug store.  Never run out again.

Can I get condoms as a minor?

There are a lot of things you can’t do as a minor.  Buy alcohol, tobacco products, vote, rent a car.  But, you can buy condoms!  There is no age restriction to purchasing condoms.  Many people ask how old do you have to be to buy condoms and find buying condoms to still be a difficult process though.  They are often locked up or behind the counter.  This can cause people to be anxious or embarrassed about buying condoms and decide not to use them.  Don’t be one of those guys.  You can always order your condoms online from My Condom Club.  Your favorite condoms are discretely delivered to your door.  Less expensive than the convenience store.  And you never run out again.

Do you have to show your ID to get condoms?

Despite what you may have heard, you do not have to show your ID to get condoms.  Store attendants may ask for ID for alcohol or tobacco purchases as there are age restrictions to buying these products.  But, there is no age restriction for purchasing condoms and you should not need to show you ID.

How do you know what size condom?

Choosing the right size condom is one of the most important factors when making your selection.  Follow these easy steps to ensure you select the right size condom.

  • Measure your penis circumference
    • This is the most important measurement.  Condoms are designed to roll out to the proper length.  But the right circumference will give you the perfect fit.
  • Check out the chart below. Find if your condom size is a Snugger Fit, Regular Fit or Large Fit.
Circumference (In) Circumference (mm) Suggested Condom Size
< 4”- 4.7” < 102mm – 119mm Snugger Fit
4.7” – 5” 119mm – 129mm Regular Fit
5” – > 6.1” 129mm – 155mm Large Fit

Glow in the Dark Condoms: 5 Reasons to Go for the Glow

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Glow in the Dark Condoms

Ever imagined your member was a light saber fighting against the dark side in a X-Rated Star Wars Saga? Ok, maybe that’s just us. But now you actually can with glow in the dark condoms! Here we will talk about how glow in the dark condoms work and why they are a great way to spice things up and have a little fun with your partner.

5 Reasons to Try Glow in the Dark Condoms

1. How do Glow in the Dark Condoms Work?
Ever wondered how glow in the dark condoms work? They are designed with a 3-layer system. The outer and inner layer are made of an ultra-thin latex material similar to that used in thin condoms. What makes it glow is the middle layer. It consists of a phosphorus pigment that will glow after being exposed to light. Yes, it’s completely safe and FDA approved. For best results, expose the glow in the dark condom to light for 30 seconds just prior to use. For the ONE Glowing Pleasures, this can be done while it’s still in the package. Next, put on the condom as recommended (How to Use a Condom) and cut the lights. Prepare to be amazed!

2. No More Searching in the Dark
When the lights are out, it’s easy to lose track of where everything’s at. That’s why glow in the dark condoms are great to keep handy. Make sure they have been exposed to light for at least 30 seconds prior to foreplay. Remember, this can be done while they are still in the wrapper. And it makes them easy to find and put on in the dark. No more knocking over the lamp post or rummaging around in your sock drawer. Or worse yet, stopping foreplay to turn on the lights…yikes!

3. Reliable and Trustworthy
Glow in the dark condoms aren’t just a fun novelty item. They come with the same safety protections and quality standards as any other condom. ONE Glowing Pleasures are rigorously triple tested before they ever leave the factory. They protect against STD’s and unwanted pregnancies the same as other high quality ONE Brand Condoms.

4. Increased Stamina
Since glow in the dark condoms use a special 3-layer system, they can be a little thicker than some other condoms. This can actually be a good thing for several men. If you are looking to last longer for your partner, using a glow in the dark condom can be a great option. However, for some men this can be problematic. Especially those that are on anti-depressants or other medication that can make it harder to finish.

5. Glowing is Growing
Not saying this is an illusion worthy of David Blane status, but glow in the dark condoms can make things appear larger than life. When the room is dark, you can light the way with your glow in the dark condom. Shining bright in the night, your member will look bigger than ever.

top 10 condom mistakes

Top 10 Condom Mistakes

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Condom Mistakes

Do you know the top 10 Condom Mistakes?  You could be making a fatal error and not even know it.  Putting on a condom isn’t rocket science, but there are some common mistakes you need to be aware of.  Even the most seasoned condom user might learn a thing or two.  Read below for the Top 10 Condom Mistakes.

Top 10 Condom Mistakes

  1. Not Checking Expiration Date– Using condoms after they expire is never ok.  Condoms can break down over time and small microscopic tears can form, leaving you and your partner at risk for STD transmission or pregnancy.
  2. Improper storage of condoms– Just keep it in your wallet or in your car right?  Wrong!  Condoms should always be stored in a cool dry place.  They should also be in a safe place where they aren’t being moved or handled often.  Failing to do so could result in the failure of your condom.
  3. No Lubrication– Most condoms come with a small amount of lubrication on it.  However this isn’t always enough.  After several minutes that lubrication can wear off and the condom is vulnerable to tearing or breaking.  Also, make sure to use the proper kind of lubricant.  Water or Silicone based are the recommended types.  Never use oil based (Vaseline) as the oils can break down the latex in the condom.
  4. Reusing a condom– Reusing a disposable razor, no judgements here.  But reusing a condom?  Really?  Condoms are very inexpensive so there is no reason to be stingy.  Always make sure to have several extra available incase you have one that breaks or tears.  Or if you’re feeling up for round 2!
  5. Late Application– The condom should always be applied before penetration.  Duh!  However, several men report waiting until they get close to climax before putting one on.  Doing this will leave you and your partner vulnerable to STD’s or pregnancy from pre-ejaculation fluids.
  6. Removing Early– Its not rocket science, the condom needs to stay on the whole time.  Despite this being common knowledge, many men report that they end up taking the condom off at some point during intercourse.  Don’t be “that guy”.
  7. Not Pinching The Tip– When applying the condom, you should always pinch the tip to remove air before rolling it down.  If not, the air bubble at the tip could rip or tear.
  8. Late withdrawal– After ejaculating you should immediately remove your penis.  If you don’t, your penis can become flaccid and semen can spill from the condom.
  9. Inside Out Condom– Its very common to accidently start to put the condom on inside out.  If this happens, toss it and get a new one.  Flipping it over and using it can expose your partner to pre-ejaculation fluids and put them at risk for pregnancy or STD’s.
  10. Not wearing a condom– Yes, this is unfortunately more common than you may think.  And the biggest mistake you can make.  According to a recent study by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, only 45% of men aged 18-24 used a condom with their last sexual partner.