About Us

Removing every single barrier to the condom buying process.

My Condom Club was launched on a simple concept.
The condom buying process is filled with obstacles and barriers, how can we make it better?

As many of you can relate, I remember the first time I bought condoms. At the convenience store, people waiting behind me and watching, the attendant with her judging eyes,  the pressure to pick out the right ones,  the fear that I would see my girlfriends parents on the way out. It shouldn’t be that stressful!

After countless hours of research and trial runs, we decided on a subscription business model. Have your condoms delivered to your door, at the frequency you desire, for a fraction of the cost at the convenience store. No more awkward looks at the register, never run out again. Ever.

When deciding on what condoms to offer, we did our due diligence in research. What we found is that people want two things in a condom. 1- A brand and product they can trust their life with (literally). 2- The design or style that fits them the best. This lead us to offering the Trojan and ONE brand condoms. Trojan is the #1 name in condoms and is trusted by more people than any other condom brand. ONE is a new and edgy condom brand launched about 10 years ago. They offer fun and user submitted designs as well as several different styles. In addition, they have the best reliability and protection you can get. All of our condoms are electronically tested during the manufacturing process and 100% certified safe.

Well, that’s enough about us. Let’s hear about you! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tell us about your condom buying experience.

Welcome to the Club!

Great selection and love that I never run out of condoms anymore! My girlfriends favorite is the One Super Sensitive.

Mark K.

Its awesome...condoms show up at my doorstep in a discrete package. No awkward purchases at the store. Love it!

Dillon M.

Free shipping, fast delivery, costs much less than the store, and automatic reorders...sign me up!

Keith W.